Welcome to Epilogues / Epílogos

Now that I am in my seventies and I’ve let my hair go gray, it’s a wonderful time to evaluate my life as if every event were an epilogue. Not as a goodbye or an ending, but as an opportunity to tie loose ends, to revisit, to rethink. It could be a trip, reading a book, seeing a film, visiting a museum or maybe a love affair (yes, romance is possible at any age!). I notice that in the dictionary “epilogue” appears only in singular, but I expect to enjoy many, thus the plural of the title. In Spanish there is also a verb “epilogar” which would be the seldom used “to epilogize” in English (careful the auto-correct will change it to apologize).

Come to think of it, I have been creating epilogues for a long time. Each of my books is an epilogue of sorts. Una noche en casa was a trip back home in Madrid, where I found out I didn’t belong anymore. American in Translation was a goodbye to Marine Corps life during the Vietnam conflict, to my parents and to my life as a single woman. Of course, finding my parents Spanish Civil War letters a few years ago became another epilogue which gave life to two more books: My Mother, That Stranger and Retrato del joven escritor Juan Luis Alborg. But the most obvious epilogue was Divorce After Death, the bittersweet farewell to the peripatetic Peter.

Epílogos, the Spanish reference on the title, shows that no matter how hard I try, my native language appears when it’s least expected. Remember, dear readers, that not only I speak with an accent, but I write with an accent as well. Feel free to correct my “ins /ons/ ats” or any other thorny expression that tricks me up. I guess this blog makes a “chica moderna” out of me who welcomes your comments and your visits. Hope to see you here often.

Hasta pronto, Concha

42 Responses to Welcome to Epilogues / Epílogos

  1. Dear chica moderna ,
    Your hair is beautiful and you look gorgeous!
    No corrections on your written English :-))
    Best wishes for the launch of your blog !

    • conchaalborg says:

      Thanks, Ann. It takes one to know one! We are enjoying your paintings so much, Concha

  2. Elayne Bloom says:

    I’m looking forward to reading your blog, Concha.

  3. It will be a treat to stay in touch visiting your blog.

    • conchaalborg says:

      Thanks so much, Marian. I think of you fondly every time I wear your beautiful necklace! Concha

  4. Linda C. D'Amico says:

    Concha: I must have somehow conjured you up! I was thinking of you the other day and revisited My Mother, That Stranger. I’m happy about your blog! Best, Linda

    • conchaalborg says:

      Thanks always for your support, Linda. You often conjure me up, Concha

  5. Hortensia Morell says:

    Concha querida:
    Sin saberlo, pertenecemos a dos clubes en común, el de los cabellos plateados, o el club de las canas, y el de la guerra con las preposiciones inglesas. Qué hermosa idea la de los epílogos.


    • conchaalborg says:

      Gracias mil, Hortensia. ¡Qué alegría saber que seguimos teniendo tantas cosas en común!
      Un gran abrazo, Concha

  6. Mary Donaldson-Evans says:

    Concha, how exciting! I like the concept, like the writing, like the new look! Gray hair suits you! Good luck with this new venture; I shall follow your blog with great pleasure.

    • conchaalborg says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Mary. I can’t wait to read your new book! Concha

  7. Fernando says:

    Very impressive my friend. A great outlet for your creative mind. Te seguiré de cerca.

  8. Annette Linck says:

    Very excited about this!

  9. Cécile Lefebvre Burgert says:

    Querida Concha!
    Me gusta tu idea de epílogos. Acabo de unirme al clube de los 70’s; el asunto me intimida un poco……Espero que, además de los epílogos, hay muchos prólogos que nos traen afuera de lo conocido o esperado !

    • conchaalborg says:

      Tienes razón, Cécile, espero que haya mucho prólogos también.
      Un gran abrazo, Concha

  10. Marie Nowak says:

    Looking forward to reading more epilogues.