Introducing: Writing Your Memoir Workshop with Concha Alborg – March 4, 18, April 1, 15, 2020.

In this four-session workshop we will develop techniques for writing your memoir. Whether your project deals with a family story, a personal narrative, a food, travel or literary memoir, our point of departure will focus on good writing practices. Among the elements to be considered will be: point of view, dialog, structure and themes, paying special attention to the context of your story.


A short documentary to accompany Retrato del joven escritor Juan Luis Alborg. Correspondencia durante la Guerra Civil, illustrating the descriptions of the towns in Jaén, where he was stationed.


An interview at the University of Málaga, Spain, for the students’ newspaper:

 is a non-partisan media center founded in 2017, with the foresight of providing a culturally-inclusive multimedia center. USALA’s mission is to provide an independent media hub where community members can hear their own voices – where their values, interests, and issues important to them come to life. Understanding that open dialogue, brainstorming solutions, and becoming socially responsive are central components of empowerment and raising consciousness.

Interview with the author about her book, My Mother, That Stranger. Letters from the Spanish Civil War, on April 26, 2020, by Dr. Ron Kaiser for his podcast program Rejuvenaging with Dr. Ron Kaiser.

Interview with the author about her book, My Mother, That Stranger. Letters from the Spanish Civil War, on February 6, 2020, by Fernando Méndez for his program The Round Table at USALA, MEDIA. 55 minutes, in Spanish.

Podcast interview with . During this fascinating interview, Concha Alborg Author of My Mother, That Stranger. Letters from the Spanish Civil War, talks about the scope of the Spanish Civil War, the plight of immigrants, and how she rediscovered her mother by researching and writing this book, 30 minutes.

Radio Interview on WCHE 1520am, Midlife Makeover Show  with Annmarie Kelly for The Victorious Woman Project, on February 5, 2016. Concha Alborg talks about the aftermath after publishing Divorce after Death, 30 minutes. 2

Television interview on Radnor Studio 21 with  Ruth Weisberg for “Storytime and Show’n Tell with Miss Ruth” on October 14, 2015. Concha Alborg talks about Divorce after Death, 30 minutes. A BWR

Interview with Katie Krimitsos for Biz Women Rock!, on January 21, 2015. Concha Alborg talks about the publishing process, 30 minutes.

Concha Alborg, Memoirist.” Interview in the 2015 Winter issue of Philadelphia Stories, page 21.

“Forgiving or Forgetting – Which Comes First?” Interview with June Cline and Sandy Weaver Carman for The Happiness Recipe, on January 16, 2015.  Concha  Alborg talks about her book, Divorce after Death. A Widow’s Memoir, and the process of writing, 30 minutes.

Beth Rubin author writes about Divorce after Death on “Beth, Bad & Beyond,” on October 24, 2014.

Interview with Donna Cavanagh, founder of HumorOutcasts Press and Shorehouse Books, on September 24, 2014. Concha Alborg talks about her new book, Divorce After Death. A Widow’s Memoir, 30 minutes.


Interview prepared in English by Aránzazu Borrachero, PhD  for Madres e Hijas de la Transición Española (Mothers and Daughters of the Spanish Political Transition to Democracy). On March 30, 2013, at the author’s home, Diana Day speaks with Concha Alborg, asking her mother about life growing up in Spain. This project emphasizes the importance of the testimonies made by women in order to understand contemporary Spain. 88 minutes.

Interviewed in Spanish by María Luisa Ortega, PhD at Community College of Philadelphia on January 24, 2011 for the program Entre Nosotros. Concha Alborg talks about her fiction works and reads from Una noche en casa and Beyond Jet-Lag. 30 minutes. Interview Bandera 1

Interviewed in Spanish by María Luisa Ortega, PhD in Concha Alborg´s home in Philadelphia. Shown in Telemundo´s Bandera Media: Tus Colores, tu Comunidad on June 17, 2012. Alborg talks about her experience as an immigrant and reads from her works of fiction. 30 minutes. Interview Bandera 2

Interviewed in Spanish by Obed Arango Hisijara. Shown in Telemundo: Bandera Media: Tus Colores, tu Comunidad on September 2, 2012. Concha Alborg talks with other members of the Latino community about what it means to be an immigrant in the United States. 30 minutes. Interview Bandera 3

Interviewed in Spanish by Obed Arango Hisijara. Shown in Telemundo: Bandera Media: Tus Colores, tu Comunidad on September 9, 2012. Concha Alborg talks with other members of the Latino community about ways in which the different Latino communities relate to each other in the Uniited States. 30 minutes.


In the first episode of AL DÍA Authors, Philly-based writer, Concha Alborg takes us through her new book that details her parents’ romance during the Spanish Civil War.

Concha Alborg, Ph.D., uses the personal narrative culled from 800 of her parents’ letters to each other to show how her family lived in the midst of the Spanish Civil War in her latest memoir My Mother, The Stranger: Letters From the Spanish Civil War

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“Juan De Miralles: A Historical Neighbor” Published in the Summer 2021 Issue of on the House Newsletter pages 9-10.




Review of Salut! Published in the Winter 2021 Issue of On the House Newsletter pages 22-23.




The Broad Street Review:



Al Día: